Centre for Decentralized for Trust Computing

Vision & Mission

Decentralized ledgers (one famous form is blockchain) and smart contracts are becoming increasingly perceived as an interdisciplinary strategic research area. While they are widely regarded as the fundamental underpinning forces for many financial and business applications, they are also demanding innovative research and advancements of computer science technologies in unprecedented ways.

This research center aims to fulfill the urgent need and tackle many fundamental research and development challenges, such as those in applied cryptography, distributed systems and applications, networking architectures, privacy-enhancing technologies, system security techniques, data analytics, and beyond. With our joint research efforts, along with domain expertise from local and overseas researchers, practitioners, and entrepreneurs, we expect to significantly boost the science and applications of decentralized ledgers technologies and smart contracts, and turn today's visions and high expectations into tomorrow’s realizations.

The mission and the broader impact of our research center includes the following aspects:
  1. Among the first to establish strong blockchain ecosystem in Hong Kong and the Great Bay Area;
  2. Establish a global research, education and innovation hub for foundational and applicable blockchain technologies;
  3. Guide the transformation and commercialization of the Blockchain technologies;
  4. Bridge regional research resources, activities, standards, and regulations among government, industry, universities.