Centre for Decentralized for Trust Computing

Selected On-going Research Projects

  1. Whole Media Enabled Smart Finance Technology, MF_EXT
  2. Accelerating Similarity Queries over Encrypted High-dimensional Databases
  3. Enabling Trustworthy and Privacy-preserving Search Services in Encrypted Blockchain Applications, ITF
  4. Trade Exception-triggered Short-term Stock Trend Prediction based on Event Detection and Sentiment Analysis, ITF
  5. 保存情感傾向的文本摘要技術合作項目, 浙江銘道通信技術有限公司
  6. Towards Trustworthy and Secure Outsourced Middleboxes, GRF
  7. Towards Privacy-assured Network-assisted Content Dissemination, GRF
  8. Security and Privacy-enhancing Technologies for Cloud Storage of Big Data, CRF
  9. Towards Trustworthy and Highly Efficient Network Diagnosis Services via Secure Enclaves, SRF-Fd
  10. Privacy-preserving Task Recommendation for Cloud-based Crowdsourcing, GRF
  11. A Wireless and Distributed Control Plane Network for Data Centers, GRF
  12. Generalized Pattern Matching String Search on Encrypted Data, GRF
  13. Security and Privacy-enhancing Technologies for Cloud Storage of Big Data, CRF
  14. Multimedia Software Engineering Research Centre (Shenzhen), ResCtrs
  15. 面向網絡虛擬化的漸進修復與協同恢複的理論與關鍵技術研究, MFRPC
  16. Multimedia Software Engineering Research Centre, ResCtrs
  17. Multi-sourced and Multi-modeled Event Detection, DON
  18. Network Slice Design and Management from A Tenant's Perspective, GRF
  19. Toward Verifiable Services: Bound-Oriented Network Tomography, GRF
  20. Problems, Solutions, and Optimization for Modern Clouds, CRF
  21. Path Planning for Cooperative Drones: Coverage and Connectivity, SRG-Fd
  22. Double Edged Mobile and Wearable Side-Channels: Motion Leakage and Countermeasure, GRF