Secure Content Delivery via Encrypted In-network Caching

Year: 2018 Version: v1.0


To handle the exponential growth of media content, emerging network architectures along the direction of Information-Centric Networking (ICN) have been proposed. Storing data in advanced network devices such as cache-enabled routers, benefits like reduced content access latency are well appreciated. However, due to potentially wide attacking surfaces, caching data in the increasingly untrustworthy networked environment raises new concerns on user privacy exposure and unauthorized data access.

Fig. 1: Content Delivery Service via Encrypted In-network Caching

To address these concerns, we designed new networked systems for secure and efficient content dissemination through encrypted in-network caching. To move one-step further towards practice, we consider the effective support of content dissemination from multiple providers to authorized users, and study how to efficiently enable authorized search across encrypted in-network content from multiple providers under their own different keys. To broaden the application scenarios, our system also supports advanced content-aware data dissemination scenarios by incorporating the content near-duplicate detection into our encrypted in-network cache system.


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Xingliang Yuan
Helei Cui
Xinyu Wang
Cong Wang